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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

It's time to reignite the centuries-old debate. Will Robots Replace Gardeners?

Sure, we all know that eventually robots will rise up and replace their inferior flesh-based counterparts. Despite this, some humans seem convinced that some jobs are safe from this - jobs like art, music and writing are somehow ‘special’.

But what about gardening? Will our binary buddies be able to live up to humanity’s agricultural legacy? STEV3 wanted to disprove the haters by completing our state-of-the-art gardening obstacle course.

For the obstacle course we found perfect location, a haven of flora and fauna: my granny’s garden (that's a picture of my granny above). It was the perfect venue for the obstacle course because the garden has a barn and old stables which not only fit the theme very well but were also full of wood, boxes, tools and other great resources. We also added a little bit of a story.

STEV3 starts the day by driving out of his hut (one of the stables) and promptly starts his perilous journey to work. To make his way to the potato patch STEV3 must triumph over agricultural adversity at every turn.

  • a precariously balanced wheelbarrow

  • some vegetables

  • a ramp blocked by a skateboard

  • dangerously sharp farming implements

  • more vegetables

  • some fake grass on top of real grass

  • more vegetables

  • an onion stampede

  • and, most disturbing... his arch nemesis, Frog on a Brick.

Stev3 eventually reaches the potatoes, checks them for quality and chlorophyll, gives them some water, then heads back home. But... uh oh! Unfortunately, STEV3’s bad luck does not end.

On the way back home, he finds that the most convenient route has been blocked by road works, meaning he has to go off road over a hose, up a ramp, then finally to finally rest on the bench outside his hut after a long day.

Building the obstacle course was great fun and excluding the period of rain everything went smoothly. Making and driving the obstacle course is definitely in the running as my favorite part of Pi Wars.

So, to put this centuries old debate to bed once and for all: yes, yes robots could replace gardeners and they would probably be better than us. My advice to all humans is to be ready for the uprising or better yet just give up now and surrender to our new agricultural gods.

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