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Easter Bunny Costume

Charlie Beimers

Charisma: +5

Facts about Charlie:

  • Knows all the words to Shawty Got Low

  • Can type 11 words per minute with her feet

  • Once found the bottom of the bottomless frozen yogurt machine at Nando's

Eoin Kernan

Dexterity: +11

Facts about Eoin:

  • Never wears socks

  • Stuck on level 59 of Candy Crush

  • Once jumped high enough to break an Ikea ceiling tile

Expressive Dance

Cormac Sheridan

Vision: -3

Facts about Cormac:

  • Breathes Nitrogen

  • Doesn't believe Jamie Oliver is a real person

  • Once ate an entire bag of Skittles at school talent show

Kilian Zepf

Agility: +7

Facts about Kilian:

  • Spells own name wrong

  • Can play Rhapsody in Blue on the harmonica

  • Once opened for Led Zeppelin at the Roundhouse Theatre

Actors on Stage

Kevin Beimers

Irresponsible Adult

Facts about Kevin:

  • Allergic to bacon

  • Can count to 1000 wow

  • Once attended Oktoberfest with Miss Arkansas

Colm Kernan

Irresponisble Adult

Facts about Colm:

  • Not Ticklish

  • Can burp the alphabet

  • Once cut in line in front of Taylor Lautner at Comicon 

Outdoor Fitness
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