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Humanity's last hope.

W H O  I S  S T E V 3 ?

The year is 2057.

Earth is a barren wasteland. The air is toxic. The seas are empty.

Three teams of chronomechanical commandos from humanity’s doomed future are selected to save us from destruction. With the aid of their Sentient Time-Excursion Vehicle, the saviours are sent on a one-way journey back in time to avert disaster and change the course of history.


The first two teams did not survive the trip. We are all that is left.

Meet Team STEV3: Humanity's 3rd Best Chance for Survival

Read STEV3'S BLOG to find out how clever, talented, attractive and hilarious we all are.

The Future Is Coming

Ominous? Perhaps. Profound? Not really. I mean, if you stop to think about it, of course the future is coming. It's always coming, because that's how the future works.


Is this robot coming in the future? We didn't say that. But what we can say is that if you DO see robots like this in the future, our team didn't build them, because we're just not smart enough.

Let's talk about grapes

The future is bleak. We're from there, so we can tell you that this picture is pretty much what every day looks like in the future. We all just stand around in crowds, reminiscing about the good old days when we ate grapes all the time, instead our regular diet of insects and irradiated soil. 

When we get back to 2024, the first thing we're going to do is get us some tasty-ass grapes. Then save the world.

Contact Us

Actually don't contact us.

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